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Step 1: Determine the word count for your document.

* In MS Word, see the Tools menu / Word Count. Or, for double-spaced text, you can estimate by figuring 300 words per page. If you have extensive footnotes, make sure the total word count includes them.

* Round to the nearest thousand words. (For example, if your document has 3499 words, estimate "3000." If you count 3500 words, estimate "4000.")

Step 2: Calculate payment for your document.

Multiply the number of thousand words (above) by the editing rate you want:

Proofreading: $12 per 1000 words
Basic Copy Editing: $20 per 1000 words
Advanced Editing/Rewriting: $5.50 per 100 words


4000 words in document
Basic Copy Editing rate of $20 / 1000 words
Total Payment = 4 X $20 = $80.

Note: You may also enter a total payment if I have quoted you a custom rate.

Step 3: Please enter information in the following boxes.

All the information is required. It will be kept strictly confidential.

Word count for your document:

Level of editing to apply to your document:

Total payment:

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All charges are in US dollars;
credit card charges may vary slightly with currency conversions.