23 February 2018

Editing Services Rates

Standard Editing Rates:

Editing Rates proofreading copy editing rewriting
$/page $3.60 $6.00 $16.50
$/1000 words $12.00 $20.00 $55.00


If your writing is fairly polished but needs a final check for simple errors of spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar, I can offer you low rates and fast service. With larger manuscripts you may qualify for additional discounts.

Your cost: $3.60 per page*, $12 per 1000 words.

Basic Copy Editing

Your writing will benefit from changes to unclear wording, awkward sentence construction, or unnecessary repetition. All changes are highlighted for your review. In areas needing further clarity, I’ll insert a comment with a question or suggestion for you to take further.

Your cost: $6.00 per page*, $20 per 1000 words.

Moderate to Extensive Rewriting

If you need a more active editorial role in rewriting and reworking your text, just choose the advanced editing option. Poor sentence construction is cleaned up, and larger blocks of text are reorganized where necessary or requested. As with the basic option, all changes and suggestions are highlighted for your review.

Your cost: $16.50 per page*, $55 per 1000 words.

[*Page estimates based on standard manuscript form (using double-spaced lines) at 300 words/page. For the most accurate estimate, use actual word count. All prices in US dollars.]

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Not sure where your work falls on the chart?
Email me with your question or a sample of your work. I’ll provide a free estimate and we can discuss your specific needs.

Custom Editing Rates:

Does your work fall between the standard categories listed above?
No problem. Send me a one-page sample of your work for a free estimate, and we can negotiate a custom rate appropriate for you. I also offer volume discounts for larger jobs.

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- By Nowick Gray