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Standard and Custom Rates

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simple corrections to spelling, punctuation, grammar; check for consistent usage and format

Rate: $12 / 1000 words

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Basic Copy Editing

standard proofreading checks as above, plus...

basic copy editing:
changes and suggestions for word choice, clarity, phrasing, grammar and syntax; check for consistency of footnotes/endnotes and bibliography

Rate: $20 / 1000 words

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Advanced Copy Editing/Rewriting

all basic editing as above plus...

extensive reworking/rewriting of your text:
in-depth revisions for organization, readability, and style, according to your needs

Rate: $55 / 1000 words

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[Note: all rates above are listed in US dollars.]

Summary of Editing Rates:

Editing Rates proofreading copy editing rewriting
$/page $3.60 $6.00 $16.50
$/1000 words $12.00 $20.00 $55.00

Still not sure which option to order?

Email me with your question or a sample of your work (at least 3-10 pages). I'll provide a free estimate (normally within a day or two) and we can discuss your specific needs.

How do editorial revisions show up in the manuscript?

I will make revisions for you according to what standard grammar usage requires. My suggested changes will appear in the text, marked by MS Word's "Track Changes" Reviewing feature. You can accept these changes all at once or review them individually. In cases where I don't have enough information to suggest the appropriate change, I'll insert a comment with my question or suggestion. My comments also are highlighted so that you can make the final changes.

Contact and inquiries

editor Nowick Gray

Nowick Gray

Victoria, BC, Canada

I'll look forward to hearing from you!

-- Nowick Gray