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Order Form instructions:

1. Send email including your name and a word count for the text or manuscript you want edited.

How to count? In Word, see the Tools or Review menu / Word Count, or see it displayed on the status bar, at the lower left of your document window.
Round the total to the nearest 1000 words.

2. Include your document as an attached Microsoft Word document (preferred), or as text pasted into the body of your email message. I will edit your document after receiving notice of payment.

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3. Proceed with online payment by credit card using the form below. You will be linked to a secure online order form to complete payment.

Note: All online payments are in U.S. dollars.

Your option: Basic Copy Editing

standard proofreading checks plus...

basic copy editing:
changes and suggestions for word choice, clarity, phrasing, grammar and syntax, consistency of footnotes/endnotes and bibliography

Rate: $20 / 1000 words ($20 minimum charge)

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Secure Online Payment by Credit Card, eCheck or PayPal account


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Pay from your PayPal account balance or credit card. First calculate word count for your document.


Use the PayPal order form on the right-hand side of this page.

Pay using your credit card. You don't need to have an account. First calculate word count for your document.

Or: make a direct transfer to HyperLife PayPal account

Log in to PayPal, choose "Send Money," and type in my email address. To calculate payment you can follow the instructions for the PayPal order form.


Or: complete the HyperLife secure order form.

Pay using your credit card. Use this form also for custom service rates.

When I receive confirmation of your payment, I will be ready to begin work on your manuscript.

-- Nowick Gray