21 January 2018

Help for Your Web Page Content or Design

Besides the editorial work of proofreading, editing, or rewriting your web page content or blog posts, you might need guidance in website design, setup and maintenance. Here are the basic steps that need to be covered for a new website:

Domain registration:

$10-15 per year. Choose your domain name (yourdomain-keywords.com) with attention to your desired keywords that people will be searching with to find you. I recommend Hostgator for both domain registration and website hosting.

Website hosting:

Hostgator offers unlimited storage space and traffic, and excellent support, for about $10 per month.

Website design:

* You can do design with a do-it-yourself platform like Wix or WordPress.

* With the above platforms you can choose among their free templates and add your own content.

Google Rankings:

What used to be true on the web – “Build it and they will come” – is true no more. Google and other search engines have become more sophisticated and demanding of websites competing for top rankings on the search results page. You can find free tips on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at my associated website, HyperEdits.com

- By Nowick Gray