21 January 2018

Tuque and Toque: Linguistic Diplomacy

The guy on the panel corrected my pronunciation of “tuque” because I thought it was spelled “toque.” And now we’re probably both looking it up. And mine turns into that most Canadian of rabbit-holes, the preference of toque over tuque clear in the Canadian Oxford, while the American Heritage Dictionary hems and haws, but awards […]

How to Start an Essay

Sometimes a client will approach me saying they have an idea to write about, for an essay or story, but they can’t seem to find a way to get started. Here’s a useful tool kit to dip into when you’re stuck with writer’s block and need a way in: –Freewrite: just start writing anything and […]

Help for Your Web Page Content or Design

Besides the editorial work of proofreading, editing, or rewriting your web page content or blog posts, you might need guidance in website design, setup and maintenance. Here are the basic steps that need to be covered for a new website: Domain registration: $10-15 per year. Choose your domain name (yourdomain-keywords.com) with attention to your desired keywords […]

- By Nowick Gray